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FAQ for Medical Access Points

In the app where it says “Add Labs,” do I need to enter labs around me?2020-07-21T21:06:01-04:00

Once you click the + sign, all labs in the MOMS Platform will automatically populate in the app. However, you can also manually search for labs.

What do I type in the two boxes on the agreement slide?2020-07-21T21:06:22-04:00

In the first box, fill in the name of your organization. In the second box, fill in the type of business.

What impacts my rating on the patient portal?2020-07-21T21:06:45-04:00

Your rating is determined based on both patient feedback and lab feedback. Patients will rate you on their experience at your location and with the collection. Labs will rate you based upon the specimens received, if they were collected properly, paperwork complete and shipped per their stated requirements.

Who pays for the labor and who provides the labor at my MAP?2020-07-21T21:07:07-04:00

Either the patient will pay at the time of the collection or the lab will pay for all collections performed when results are sent to their lab at the end of each month. The labor is provided by you and meets the certifications, licensure or qualifications needed to perform the desired collection.

How will labs find my MAP / how do I connect with labs?2020-07-21T21:07:27-04:00

All MAPs will automatically populate for labs when they register their account. They can also search for MAPs by MSA, City, State or by Name or Affiliation.

How will patients find my MAP?2020-07-21T21:07:48-04:00

Patients will enter a zip code in the patient portal. If you are in their local area, your MAP will automatically populate for them to view and schedule an appointment.

How do the labs earn revenue?2020-07-21T21:08:08-04:00

Labs join the network to get increased access to the labor needed to collect, process and ship to them a patient’s blood, urine or other needed specimens. Labs earn their revenue from performing the required or requested clinical or diagnostic testing either through third-party payors, or directly from the patient.

Do patients with kits arrive prepared?2020-07-21T21:08:28-04:00

Yes. Inside their kit is a QR code which they use to make their appointment. If it is required for them to bring anything, there will be instructions inside the kit. MOMS also sends appointment reminders and instructions prior to the patient arriving at your location.

I am entering my email to log in, but the system is not allowing me to log in?2020-07-21T21:09:13-04:00

You need to register your account first. Go to the bottom right-hand side of the page where you are prompted to sign up. You will only need to register one time.

Why did I never receive a verification email after I registered?2020-07-21T21:09:42-04:00

Make sure to check all inboxes; the verification email could be in your spam folder.

For mobile phlebotomy requests, can we go to the patient’s home?2020-07-21T21:10:17-04:00

Yes. Patients can request mobile phlebotomy if they want someone to provide service at their home. On the patient portal, they will schedule this type of appointment by selecting a MOBILE OPTION, where they will be taken to a directory listing of organizations offering mobile phlebotomy services. Patients can then select from a variety of companies who offer coverage options based upon National, Regional or Local/State level availability.

Who provides the kits to the patients?2020-07-21T21:11:04-04:00

Kits usually will be provided to patients by their provider or the lab, or shipped directly to them if they ordered it themselves. In some cases, when the volume or interest dictates, the lab may provide extra kits to the MAP if the MAP desires. MOMS sends the patients reminders prior to the appointment if they need to bring the kit or with them, including necessary information.

Who sends the blood out to the lab after it has been drawn?2020-07-21T21:11:26-04:00

There will be a specific set of instructions for collection on how to properly prepare, process and prepare to ship the blood out, and a pre-paid shipping label or instructions will be provided.

How often do MAPs send invoices to the labs?2020-07-21T21:12:05-04:00

Once at the end of each month. When MAPs check a patient in or out, this automatically accrues activity that will appear on their monthly reports. At the end of each month, MOMS will notify every MAP to click “send invoice.” The reports will come to MOMS first, and MOMS will compile all the completed collections from all MAPs for that month, and send the Lab one invoice to make it more efficient for them to confirm receipt of the patient specimens, and pay for all received and resultable tests and specimens.

Can labs add the QR code or link to the MOMS portal on their website for patients to use, as well as hand them out in-person?2020-07-21T21:12:26-04:00

Yes. The platform is accessible on the MOMS website for patient convenience as well. MOMS also provides each lab the ability to put their own logo on the QR code tear sheet.

How can I get the patient QR code to appear on my own website?2020-07-21T21:14:45-04:00

MOMS will provide you with a link that can be posted to your website. This link provides the same result as scanning the QR code.

If I operate multiple locations, do I have to create separate log-ins / accounts for each one?2020-07-21T21:13:11-04:00

Yes. This will be how labs will connect with every location that you operate.

How does the billing process work?2020-07-21T21:13:31-04:00

MOMS sends you a reminder at the end of every month to send one invoice via the platform reporting section, to each lab you have collected for that month. Upon receiving the report, the labs are required to pay you within 5 business days. If the lab indicates the draw is patient pay, you will collect the revenue directly as patients attend their appointments.

Does it cost money for a MAP to join the MOMS network?2020-08-12T17:22:32-04:00

No. MOMS developed its platform that connects labs, patients, and skilled labor to be FREE to join. The only charge will be a $2.50 platform transaction fee for completed lab collections, plus any applicable Stripe credit card fees.

How does the platform transaction fee work?2020-08-12T17:25:16-04:00

In the majority of collections performed by MAPs on the MOMS platform, the patient will pay at the time of service, rather than the MAP submitting payment from the Lab at the end of the month.

Should a MAP perform collections that include a Lab Pay relationship, the $2.50 platform transaction fees for that month would be taken from the Lab Pay amount first.

Should the total amount of platform transaction fees due exceed the amount owed by Lab Pay collections, the remaining amount due would be charged to the credit card on file.


MAP performs 10 lab draws for $25/each during the month which are Patient Pay:

  • MAP collects $250 for the month, which was collected at time of service
  • MAP owes MOMS $25, which would be charged to the credit card on file at end of month
  • Profit: $225

MAP performs 10 lab draws for $25/each during the month which are Lab Pay:

  • MAP submits Send Invoice in platform at the end of the month for $250
  • Lab performs internal verification of receipt of samples, approves request
  • MOMS sends check to MAP for $225, less any Stripe fees ($7.25 in this example) for a total of $217.75
  • Profit: $217.75

MAP performs 10 lab draws for $25/each during month, 5 Patient Pay, 5 Lab Pay:

  • MAP collects $125 from patients at time of service during month
  • MAP submits Send Invoice in platform at end of the month for $125
  • MOMS sends check to MAP for $96.37 ($125 – $25 – $3.63(Stripe)= $96.37)
  • Profit $221.37 ($125 + 96.37)
Why do I need to input my credit card information?2020-08-12T17:26:20-04:00

MOMS requires an active credit card to in order to become a Medical Access Point (MAP) on the MOMS network. This is so that we may collect the $2.50 platform transaction fee for each scheduled and completed appointment.

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