FAQ for Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratories2021-05-04T12:01:50-04:00

FAQ for Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratories

I am entering my email to log in, but the system is not allowing me to log in?2020-07-21T21:09:13-04:00

You need to register your account first. Go to the bottom right-hand side of the page where you are prompted to sign up. You will only need to register one time.

Why did I never receive a verification email after I registered?2020-07-21T21:09:42-04:00

Make sure to check all inboxes; the verification email could be in your spam folder.

How can I get the patient QR code to appear on my own website?2020-07-21T21:14:45-04:00

MOMS will provide you with a link that can be posted to your website. This link provides the same result as scanning the QR code.

Who provides the kits to the patients?2020-07-21T21:13:55-04:00

Kits will be provided to patients by their provider or the lab, or shipped directly to them if they ordered it themselves.

Can labs add the QR code or link to the MOMS portal on their website for patients to use, as well as hand them out in-person?2020-07-21T21:14:26-04:00

Yes. The platform is accessible on the MOMS website for patient convenience as well. MOMS also provides each lab the ability to put their own logo on the QR code tear sheet.

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