FAQ for Mobile Phlebotomy2021-03-31T13:41:12-04:00

FAQ for Mobile Phlebotomy

Why do I need to register on the MAPs network if I only offer mobile phlebotomy services?2020-07-21T21:15:08-04:00

If you offer mobile phlebotomy, you will still need to register as a MAP so that you can access the information regarding the collection needs of each lab you are performing a collection for. Patients who desire a mobile collection, will connect with you via the Mobile Phlebotomy Directory. The MAP portal provides you with all of the specifics needed regarding the collection. If you wish to connect with more labs, that is the benefit to sign up on the MAPs network. This will be the system through which labs can connect with you. NOTE: if you are only providing Mobile Phlebotomy, you will not offer “Collection Hours” so a brick and mortar appointment can NOT be scheduled, and that is how you will be able to secure the ability to be chosen for a Mobile draw.

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