Curious about MOMS and what our network of Medical Access Points can do for your urgent care center? Review our most frequently asked questions and answers for urgent care owners.

What is MOMS? 

MyOneMedicalSource (MOMS) is a first-of-its-kind network that connects patients, healthcare providers, clinical laboratories, and phlebotomists through a network of Medical Access Points (MAPs). We make it easier for all parties to access the specialized medical testing they need, when they need it.

What are Medical Access Points (MAPs)?

MOMS is building a network of Medical Access Points (MAPs) in major cities. These MAPs will serve as brick-and-mortar touchpoints for patients and medical professionals who need lab samples to be collected, processed, or transported. 

MAPs may include urgent care centers, patient service centers, independent collection sites, or other medical facilities seeking to grow their patient volumes and foot traffic.

What are the benefits of joining the MAPs network?

The MAPs network makes it quick, easy, and convenient for all parties to connect and locate the specialized testing services they need.

By joining the network of Medical Access Points (MAPs), urgent care centers can increase lab test service offerings for patients, boost foot traffic, and grow their revenue. 

How can urgent care centers increase revenue with MOMS?

The number of urgent care centers in major cities is on the rise, and that means competition is increasing as well. As part of the MAPs network, your facility and services will be promoted to patients seeking medical testing right now, giving you a competitive edge.

Collecting, handling, and processing a large number of patient samples is a common problem for many urgent cares. This bottleneck can limit a center’s ability to complete lab tests in a timely manner, thereby limiting the amount of revenue they can earn. MOMS connects urgent care centers with phlebotomists and skilled medical labor who can perform the tests your patients need, when they need them.

Simply by joining the MAPs network, you can grow your service offerings, assist more patients, reduce turnaround time for lab tests, and ultimately boost revenue. 

How do patients utilize the MAPs network?

In states that allow Direct Access Testing (DAT), patients can enter their zip code and find urgent care centers and other facilities that are on the network, and search for locations that offer the testing that they are seeking to have performed.

Patients that have a lab order from their healthcare provider enter their zip code to find the most convenient urgent care or other facility near them, and schedule a time to have their tests collected, processed, and shipped to the appropriate clinical laboratory.

What is the MOMS Founders Program?

The MOMS Founders Program offers discounted access to the full power of the MOMS platform to help promote your location and the services that you offer.

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